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Volunteers must have a willing heart and the ability to work with a team. Volunteers are those who come alone or with a spouse to serve the mission itself, joining in with whatever we're already doing, short-term.


 Usually, our volunteers come for a few weeks up to 6months.For longer stays, we recommend applying for staff, that is, if you have completed a Discipleship Training School (DTS)


 If you want to serve long-term, come to scout out our campus for longer-term partnership opportunities, or bring a team please see our Join Staff  or Bring a Team pages.

Charity Volunteers
Bring a Team
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Bring a Team

Whether you want to bring a work team, ministry team, or college group of friends, we can coordinate transportation, housing, ministry opportunities and meals for you all, for teams of up to 50 persons. If you have your own plans and just need housing/meals, we're all about that too. 

For basic information on pricing, options, dates, availability of ministry opportunities and all the rest, we do request you fill out our short form below that gives us all the info we need to get you relevant information to begin processing your trip.



We love to share our beautiful views and peaceful atmosphere with our guests, knowing that there is a very special sense of God's presence here.We welcome guests to stay on campus while in transit, on a personal retreat,  or taking cheap vacation on our side of the island. For short-term stays (overnight to a week) fill out the link below to get cost uotes and date availability. 

Please plan on giving us 5-9business days notice to confirm your stay.

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Join Staff

If you really feel called to the Caribbean and want an opportunity to go all out for God, work with international teams, travel, share the gospel, practice hospitality, and have an adventure for the Lord...why not us?

While serving full-time is no walk in the park, if you know God is calling you, why not give YWAM Jamaica a try? See the information below and prayerfully consider. Please note that completing a Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a pre-requisite for joining our team. Lucky for you, we also run the DTS here in Jamaica!

Use Venue

Host an Event

Let me've heard about our awesome view, beautiful grounds, and quality banquet area and would like to host a day event/weekend/ week long event with us? That's pretty easy. Although we're almost booked out for 2024 already, some schedule flexibility is there for day/weekend events for teams under 25people.


We are taking bookings for 2025.

Find out more by giving us basic info in the form linked below.

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