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Welcome to Deaf World


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Our Mission is to train up Deaf young adults and the young at heart, by using Sign Language, to first: Know God and to love His presence and seek him above all else. And second: To Make God Known and share their passion for Jesus throughout the Deaf Community worldwide.

~Dan & Carole McClelland, Deaf World Founders

Deaf World DTS

September 26, 2024- February 22, 2025

To apply use the form below or email us at

Please note that as our focus is on the Deaf, all students must be fluent in ASL or JSL to be considered for this DTS.

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What is a DTS?

What is DTS?
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Lecture Phase

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a 5 month school designed in 2 parts. The first 12 weeks are all about getting to know God more! Our DTS is designed specifically to raise up leaders to share Jesus with the Deaf community worldwide. 

We regularly practice worship and intercession as a community, as we seek to make Jesus Lord of our lives. Each week we invite speakers from all over the world to teach on different topics including...

  • Hearing the Voice of God

  • The Nature and Character of God

  • The Father Heart of God

  • Healing of the Heart and Mind

  • Biblical Worldview

  • Intercession and Spiritual Warfare

  • Worship and Prayer

  • The Power of the Holy Spirit

  • Missions and Evangelism


Outreach Phase

Outreach is the second part of the DTS. We will take 8-12 weeks to put into practice the truths and spiritual disciplines we gained in the first phase of the DTS. In this time we will practice receiving from God and following his guidance in where to go and what to do. 

We will emphasize reaching the unreached Deaf, nationally and internationally in this time. Each DTS outreach location is different. The DTS leaders will pray and decide for each school.

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