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Passion & Pursuit Discipleship Training School 

September 20, 2021- February 19, 2022

Discipleship Training School is a 6month adventure where students from all over the world gather to learn more about God together. There are two distinct phases in this training program: a Classroom Phase in Jamaica (3months of international dynamic speakers), followed by an Outreach Phase: 2 months spent in another nation on a field assignment.

All the details about applying, costs, what you'll learn, what each part the training will entail, please see the info packet attached below!

Although you are welcome to begin filling out your application and references as soon as you'd like, we will begin processing applications on March 15th.

               DEAF WORLD

Discipleship Training School 

January 2021-May 2021

Our Mission:

   "To train up Deaf young adults and the young at heart, by using Sign Language, to first: Know God and to love His presence and seek him above all else. And second: To Make God Known and share their passion for Jesus throughout the Deaf Community worldwide."

More info at schools@ywamjamaica.org


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