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So many ways to donate, or make payments!

Please note that all payment methods, donations and designated funds do require an accompanying email to us at with the details of your contribution so that accurate receipts/book keeping can take place. Without a clear designation emailed to address given, all incoming funds go to a general account at the discretion of the ministry directors.

YWAM Jamaica has 3 operating locations: YWAM Stone's Hope (Manchester), YWAM Montego Bay and YWAM Deaf World (in Montego Bay). Right now as our Deaf World team does not have a direct online giving link, contributions to that team may be made using our Montego Bay link below, but a note must be emailed to our accounting office,, to specify that designation.

To give to the ministry online, please click the link below. For other giving options, please keep scrolling! 

Misty Slopes

Donate to the ministry

Pay Online

Credit Card fees are an additional 3.69% of the total paid, plus $4.50USD processing fee. Please email a copy of your payment receipt.

DTS payments are processed as school fees for training with U of N, and are not given a tax-deductible receipt. However, online payments may be processed through our partners by clicking on the link given below.

For General Teams payments or deposits, or Homes of Hope team payments, use the link below to process securely through our partners, Excelling Leaders. 

Wire Transfer

This is a more affordable method for making large deposits or payments than via credit card.

Wire transfers attract bank fees of almost $50USD on our end, separate from the  bank charges on your end! Ask your bank what this looks like so that you can factor those fees into your final payment amount, as these fees are not included in whatever ministry cost quote you were given. See our wire transfer information below! 


Remember to email us at after making payment to ensure we anticipate the payment.

Bank to Bank

DTS payments, or make Team/Event deposit 

For persons with a local Jamaican bank account, feel free to make bank to bank transfers online using the information below:

Youth With A Mission BNS Accounts

(Fairview Financial Centre Branch 90605):

        JMD Business Chequeing- 258016

        USD Savings- 906073075

Send a Check

 Please note that each check attracts a $4.50USD processing fee.


Include a separate note with check stating the amount is for YWAM Jamaica; do not use the memo section of the actual check!


 Additionally, as these payments are processed through a third party and take some time to get to us, we'd like a short email sent to alerting us to the details of your payment.

Mail Checks to:

YWAM (or Youth With a Mission)

 P.O. Box 8341

Grand Rapids, MI 49518

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