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   Montego Bay Campus


You don't have to be doing missions to make use of our affordable accommodations! Whether you're passing through for an event, overnighting before a flight, backpacking through the island...we just may have a place for you. Whether you're ready to plan a trip or just want more information, please use the form below to answer a few of our questions so we can give accurate information.

Stone's Hope Campus

Campus Tour

At present, only a campus tour of our Montego Bay location is featured online. Housing costs are based on nations of economy scale, and are subject to availability at time of request. Feature below are our dorm rooms (beds, 1 bathroom) our Hospitality suites and our grounds. At present, we have capacity for up to 85 guests at a time. All teams must make enquiries/applications using our Teams page. When possible, we will feature more visuals on our Stone's hope campus accommodations.

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