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Our Story

As a non-profit group where all staff are unsalaried volunteers, you can imagine that never having enough hands on deck is a reality we constantly try to navigate around. The good thing about YWAM is how we make room for people of all ages and seasons of life, from every race, to serve for as short as a few days, to as long as lifetime.

 Over the years we have come to learn our best efforts to teach, disciple and encourage when take place people feel loved unconditionally. Our story of impacting this nation, is in essence, one about practicing love.

Watch our video below and see if you can see yourself in our story!

John & Danya Hess
Ministry Directors
About us


Our YWAM family

Youth With a Mission is an international mission training/sending organisation with thousands of locations all across the world. 

         YWAM JA consists of three operating locations: Montego Bay, Deaf World and  Stone's Hope (located in Manchester). Our  teams work together interchangeably to host teams at each location, run summer and youth camps, as well as staff the Discipleship Training School and various seasonal programs.

       As a volunteer community, we seek to grow together in our YWAM international mandate to "know God, and make Him known". We do this through lifestyles of worship, intercession, positive work ethic, practicing hospitality, working intentionally on team unity, and serving the poor and needy.                     

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